आरोग्य सेवक प्रश्नपत्रिका Arogya Sevak Question Paper Part3

आरोग्य सेवक प्रश्नपत्रिका भाग ३
आरोग्य विभाग आरोग्य कर्मचारी (४० टक्के) 
परिक्षा दि. ८-०१-२०१७
1 ते 50 पर्यंतचे प्रश्न आधीच्या पोस्ट मध्ये दिले आहेत.

51. Choose one word from following words which is wrongly spelt ?
A) Wellcome  B) Urgent C) Introduce  D)Smile
52. Which is not the sentence with Gerund Verb out of given sentences?
A) Reading is a good habit.
B) He is fond of writing.
C) It is worthless to request him.
D) Walking is good for health.
53. Which is not synonym word in given words ? : Divine
A) Heavenly B) Evil C) Graceful D) Celestial
54. Choose the sentence with present indefinite tense ?
A) It is six o’clock now B) Now is six o’clock
C) In the clock it is six D) It is seen six o’clock
55. Choose the correct synonym of the word : Town
A) Village B) Cantonment C) City D) Capital
56. Choose the correct synonym of the word : Quest
A) Probe                B) Inquisitive
C) Discovery         D) Research
57. Choose the correct antonym of the word : Prohibition
A) Permission     B) Surrender
C) Abolition         D) Solution
58. We were ——— from seeing the prisoner. (Choose the correct word)
A)Affected          B) Prevented
C) Inhibited         D) Punished
59. Which is effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete ?
Several campaigns were ———for eradication of malnutrition.
A) Run  B) Set  C) Launched  D) Established
60. Choose appropriate synonyms of the word : Perilous
A) hazardous B) Safe C) Durable D) Benefit
61. Find the correct use of noun.
A) My circumstance is bad.
B) My circumstances are bad.
C) My circumstance was bad.
D) My circumstances bad.
62. Choose appropriate Synonyms of : Sleek
A) Shiny  B) Brokers  C) Crude  D) Popular
63. Choose the word which is most opposite it meaning of the word : Strange
A) Novel                         B) Unseen
C) Conservative           D) Familiar
64. Choose the correct use of verb from the following sentences.
A) I have been ill for two days.
B) l am ill for two days.
C) I was ill for two days.
D) I had been ill for two days.
65. Choose the sentence with present indefinite tense.
A) They have gone to picnic.
B) The earth rounds around the sun.
C) The book is on the table.
D) I was taking meal, when my friend came.
66. There is word spelt four different ways. Out of them only one is correct. Which one is correct.
A) Checkmate       B) Chekmate
C) Checkmat         D) Chekmete
67. Choose the correct noun in the given sentence : This house is built of stone.
A) This     B) House     C) Built     D) Stone
68. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentence:
If I have known about your problem ——–
A) I would help you   B) I had helped you
C) I would have helped you  D) I will help you
69. One word is wrongly spelt choose that word..
A) Bounce                   B) Borrow
C) Boredome              D) Borderline
70. Choose the correct type of verb, in the given sentence : I do my work well.
A) Principal verb       B ) Auxiliary verb
C) Intrasitive verb      D) Adverb of reason
71. Choose which is not synonym word in given words of : Astonish
A) Surprise                 B) Amaze
C) Astound                 D) Abstain
72. Which is correct use of verb in following sentences ?
A) I told Tushar to go  B) I said Tushar to go
C) I asked Tushar to go
D) Tushar was told to go
73. Pick-up the most effective word from given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningful : The famous singer ——— his success to his fathers’s guidance.
A) Credits                     B) Accounts
C) Pertains                   D) Attributes
74. Choose from the group of words given below the phrase for Idiom : To bring up
A) To lift up                  B) To support
C) To extent help        D) To call up
75. Choose the antonym of the word : Confession
A) Denial  B) Accept  C) Agree  D) Disagree

उर्वरित प्रश्न नंतरच्या पोस्ट मध्ये दिले आहेत.

51 – A, 52 – C, 53 – B, 54 – A, 55 – C, 56 – A,
57 – C, 58 – B, 59 – C, 60 – A, 61 – B, 62 – A,
63 – D, 64 – A, 65 – C, 66 – A, 67 – B, 68 – C,
69 – C, 70 – A, 71 – D, 72 – A, 73 – D, 74 – B,
75 – A